Camberwell Parish Leadership Team

The Our Lady of Victories (OLV) Parish Leadership Team (PLT) is an advisory and consultative body to the parish priest. The PLT is an expression of a Pastoral Council as outlined in the Code of Canon Law (Canon 536).

The PLT’s primary responsibility is to assist in fostering pastoral action within the parish. Uppermost in the mind and action of the PLT is the establishment and maintenance of a supportive, collaborative partnership between itself, parish support staff, parish groups and all parishioners.

The PLT membership structure comprises a minimum of 5 members drawn from the OLV parish community. Ex-officio members are the Parish Priest, Assistant Priest and Pastoral Associate – Catechesis and Sacraments. The current Chair of the PLT (2020) is Vince Curatore.

The function and purpose of the PLT is further explained in the Procedures for the OLV Parish Leadership Team (link the document)

Parish of Deepdene & Balwyn Parish Council

In 2019, the key governance structure for the parish – the Parish Leadership Team – was reconstituted to become a Parish Council.

In the spirit of synodality and co-responsibility, the Parish Council exists to guide and advise the parish priest, who would not make significant parish decisions without respect for this governance structure. Its key responsibilities are to:

  • Facilitate and provide for the achievement of the mission of the parish community in Community Engagement, Liturgical and Spiritual Life, Education and Faith Formation, Outreach (Partnership) and Stewardship
  • Participate in the partnerships of the parish
  • Provide oversight of the business operations of the parish school and parish
  • Provide oversight of the financial decisions of the parish
  • Accord with the Parish Strategic Plan
  • Fulfil the Parish Vision and Mission.

The Council membership structure comprises a minimum of 6 members drawn from the Deepdene and Balwyn communities. Ex-officio members are the Parish Priest, Assistant Priest, Parish Pastoral Associate and the Parish School Principal. The current Chair of the Parish Council (2020) is Julie Douglas.

The Parish Council Constitution (link the doc) provides further information and insight into the role and responsibilities of Council members.