A weekend in lockdown

Things will be a little quiet this weekend. The snap lockdown announced by the Victorian Premier to manage the rapidly growing cases of COVID-19 has put our plans on hold. If you have some time on your hands this weekend, you might like to browse our parish website and revisit some of the articles in the news section. Here are a few suggestions:

Fr Brendan Reed – From the Parish House

Barbara Emerson and David Kitchen – Welcoming Strangers

Fr Frank O’Loughlin – The Old Testament Readings at Mass

Kate Baines – Will you be my neighbour?

Michele Toussaint fcs – Sr Michele Toussaint celebrates 40 years

Ann Rennie – Godspeed and Good News

You may wish to suggest other articles you liked. Please feel free to share them with us here on this blog. Let’s stay connected from the safety of our homes this weekend and look forward to when we can be together once again.

By Tricia Norman





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