Advent Church Visits…

School children in Years 1 to 4 at Our Holy Redeemer primary school visited the church during the week to view the Advent Wreath where the Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, and Jesus candles were closely examined.  All classrooms at the school have an Advent Wreath on their Prayer Table and there was lively conversations about waiting during Advent and the symbolism of lighting the candles.

Great excitement was generated as the children moved to the Church entrance to view the nativity scene with its large figures and real hay.  Again, spirited observations and questions followed.  It was most pleasing to hear the children explore their understanding of the real meaning of Christmas, the wonder about Jesus’ birth 2,000 years ago, and observe their delight in visiting the Church.  In the busy-ness and tiredness of the term’s final week, staff made a concerted effort to ground their classes in the Advent season.

For many children the experience of being inside the Church was a new and powerful experience following the disruptions due to Covid.  Amongst the varied needs in our communities, we pray for the children in our parish schools that their sense of wonder and excitement never abates and every day is one of lifelong learning.








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