Camellias and Handshakes

Each year, for one week in August, libraries and schools across Australia have a special focus on celebrating “Book Week” and the joy of reading books and sharing stories.  For many students across our parishes, it is an annual event that is highly anticipated, particularly the planning and preparation of costumes for the Book Week Parade!

The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA), established in 1945, is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote and celebrate Australian literature for young people and to encourage a love of reading.  Each year the CBCA Annual Book Awards highlight the quality of some of Australia’s most creative authors and illustrators of children’s books.

This year marks 75 years of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards. The first awards were presented in 1946 and for nearly forty years there was no distinction between older and younger readers.  There are now several categories, including Book of the Year (for early childhood, younger and older readers), a Picture Book of the Year, and an award for New Illustrator.

Perhaps you remember a particular book that was brought to your attention because of Book Week? A  well-loved story that you have shared with children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews?

Across our schools, Book Week was a bit different this year with remote learning, but at Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School, the students and teachers still celebrated the joy of books.  Throughout the week, teachers read the shortlisted books for virtual storytime and planned activities for the students to explore the books further.

On Thursday, all the students dressed up and recorded a virtual parade.  The teachers also attempted the #bookface challenge, creating a photo by merging a book cover with parts of themselves.



And the camellias…?

These were the original prizes for female award winners with male winners receiving a firm handshake – how times have changed!

By Kirsten Italiano and Hayley Dunstow


Main Image: ‘Lazy Lions Lounging in the Local Library’, Graeme Base Animalia


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