CatholicCare Sunday Appeal 2021

“For I was hungry and you gave me food;
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink;
I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”
(Matthew 25:35)

CatholicCare Victoria is the social service agency for the four Catholic dioceses in Victoria, supporting families and individuals in our local community.  COVID-19 has hit many in our communities hard and so many continue to be impacted financially and emotionally by it.  CatholicCare Victoria’s mission, together with your continued support, is to empower communities and support those who find themselves on the fringes of society by providing programs and acts of kindness that build their strength and resilience to help them reach their full potential.  A mission CatholicCare invite you to help make possible.  

Jesus calls us to practice mercy and compassion: especially towards those who are disadvantaged. It was His mission on earth and it is that mission which inspires CatholicCare Victoria’s outreach to those in the greatest of need. 

You too can be part of this mission.  When you donate to CatholicCare Victoria, you walk beside those in need and offer a compassionate hand of support.  Your support helps CatholicCare Victoria provide over 80 services across the state including counselling and mental health services, employment help, affordable housing, support for separating families, refugee and asylum seeker help, specialised support for children and teens, pastoral care, homelessness and advocacy support, and a variety of courses helping to strengthen relationships and wellbeing.   CatholicCare support services are available to all individuals, children, families, and communities regardless of race, religious beliefs or economic status.

Please continue to share in Christ’s mission by donating today to CatholicCare Victoria Sunday Appeal. 

To donate online or to learn more about the works and services available, visit CatholicCare or call CatholicCare Victoria’s East Melbourne office on (03) 9287 5513.  

Watch the CatholicCare Sunday Appeal video

Thank you for walking beside our brothers and sisters in the greatest need.


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