First Eucharist Reflections

Over these last few weeks, our parish communities have been drawn together as we witnessed small hands extending outwards to receive Christ in the form of bread for the first time. 

The celebrations were a day to remember for all of us who participate in communion, and for many of us it brought back memories of our own First Eucharist celebrations.  

Our young parishioners reflect on receiving the Eucharist for their first time.

I really enjoyed the Eucharist reflection day and felt most connected to God.  I loved listening to the music and learning the actions to dance.  Marley 

During my first Eucharist I felt like I connected with god.  Then when I was eating the bread Jesus was in my mind.  Ethan

When I got my Eucharist I felt nervous because I had never done it before.  When I put the Eucharist in my mouth it snapped in half then melted a little bit and it made me feel connected to God.  Georgia


When I got the communion I felt happy and respected by God. I learnt that they put the bread and wine in a cupboard called a tabernacle. The bread you eat in church is actually called the host and they put the host in the cup called a Ciborium and they put the wine in a chalice.  Heloise

When I celebrated my first Eucharist I felt like it was a big moment in my life because it only happens once and I felt like I was connecting with God. When I was sitting in church I felt safe because I felt like I was in God’s home. When I ate the bread I felt like Jesus would be with me everywhere I go not just in church.  Peter

The atmosphere in the Church made me feel safe because it was warm and calming.  Poppy T

I liked how Fr Trac invited us to be around the altar because I learnt all of the things on the altar like the different clothes he uses for Eucharist.  Hugo


My First Communion was special because I was part of the Gospel procession, carrying the candle.  My family celebrated my first communion with my Grandparents.   Thomas

When I made my First Communion, I received a special watch that my great grandfather gave to my Pa when he made his First Communion.  James

One thing that went well was I have learnt more responses and prayers, so now I can join in when I go to Mass.  Charlie

Something special about First Communion was going out for dinner with my family and receiving some holy jewellery.  Betty

I liked the calmness of the congregation because it helped me focus and think about God.  The calmness also boosted my confidence.  Annabelle


First Communion was special because I received a glass cube that has a chalice and a cross inside.  I keep it in my bedroom to pray with.  Patrick

While I was taking the bread and eating it, I was thinking about the last supper and how Jesus died on the cross. Each time I take the bread, I will try to be more like him, by helping people in the community.  James

I was very excited about receiving my First Holy Communion. Each time I eat the bread, I will always try to grow closer to Jesus.  Isabella

I was happy to learn more about Jesus, during his time. I was able to share the meal like the disciples.  Kaia

I loved being able to participate in the mass by reading a prayer of the faithful.  Thomas

When I received the bread, I felt closer to God  because I had chosen for him to be a part of me.  Ava


When Fr Trac did the blessing, I felt closer to God  because I remembered him in my mind, words and heart.  Nick

When I ate the bread, I was thinking about how I can grow closer to God.  Lars

When I received the bread, it tasted different to what I thought. I will always try to be more like him by helping people.  Ted

When I ate the Eucharist, I was thinking about Jesus and the Apostles in the upper room in Jerusalem.  James

When we were gathered in the church, I felt closer to the community, as I received the Eucharist.  Sophie

When I took the bread, I thought about the Trinity, God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit.  Alicia


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