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Our Churches will open up this weekend, after a two-week lockdown.  As we are aware, for this weekend we are limited to fifty people in our Churches.  We have set up TryBooking for your convenience so that you can be sure that you will have a place.  You will be required to check in with the Victorian Government QR Code and it is a requirement that all those over twelve years of age wear masks.

We are lucky to have five Churches across our communities and hopefully you will find a place at one of our locations or times.  This could be an opportunity to visit and pray in one of our Churches or parish communities that you have not yet visited.  If the Mass that you are looking for is booked out, then why not try another?  I am sure you will find a welcome wherever you go!

Weekday Masses will commence as usual from next Tuesday, 15 June.  For these Masses you will not need to use TryBooking, but you will still need to register with the QR Code on arrival.

You will be pleased to know that we have rescheduled our First Eucharist Masses and these will take place next weekend at separate Masses on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  You might like to read some of the reflections, on the Eucharist preparation day, from our children in this week’s news item, School Voices – First Eucharist Reflection Day.

Our lives have all been disrupted during these lockdown periods.  As Christians we should be used to that.  The biblical witness is one of continual disruption of human life, interpreted as the call of God.  From the call of Abraham to leave behind all and follow to the call of the disciples to leave their nets and follow, the scriptures have witnessed to the God who interrupts our lives and our plans.  The interruption generally leads to a deeper understanding of who we are and what is important in our lives.  Interruptions are often the moment of the disclosure of who God is.  For this to happen we need to be open to the interruption, to delve into it and sit within it.  We may just meet our God there.

So, thank you for your understanding of our interrupted Sunday Mass and sacramental life.  It could be an unexpected blessing.

As always please contact the Parish Office if you have any difficulties with your bookings or if you are aware of any pastoral needs with which we can assist.

By Brendan Reed


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