From the Parish House

Good news!  With the Premier’s announcement on the easing of COVID restriction this week, the density limits in our Churches have now been removed.  This is great news as we move towards Advent and Christmas.  It would be great to welcome as many of you as possible next Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent and a new liturgical year.  After two years of many lockdowns, it would be a symbolic gesture for us to gather to begin a new year and to pray for God’s blessing upon our communities.  So, come along on Sunday, 28 November for the First Sunday of Advent.  Church goers are still required to use the Services Victoria QR code to check in and those 12 years and over need to provide proof of vaccination (either digital or hardcopy).

As we open up further it will be important to continue to be in touch with each other and to reach out to those who may have lost touch with our parish during the lockdown periods.  Communication is critical to the life of our parish.  Communication happens in many different ways at different levels.  Our newsletter is one very important communication channel.  We would appreciate your feedback on our newsletter.  If you can spare up to 10 minutes now please fill in our quick newsletter survey.

Communication happens beyond the newsletter.  Many of our parishioners are in contact with each other via WhatsApp groups.  Others are good at making phone calls.  Some of you keep in contact by visiting those who are sick or calling into a neighbour that you know is without internet.  There are many other ways that you keep in contact with each other.  Don’t forget to spread the parish news to those with whom you are in contact.  I like to think of our parish networks as one big communication tree.  I would like to encourage every parishioner to play their role in continuing to communicate with each other.  In particular I am grateful to those who stay in touch with those who cannot get to Mass or are not able to receive electronic communication.

I also invite you to let us know at the Parish Office if you come across those who are sick or in need of a visit from one of our priests or pastoral staff.  We do keep a pastoral register in our parish and much of our knowledge about peoples needs comes from what our parishioners tell us.  We are always pleased to visit the sick, to offer the sacrament of anointing to those who are preparing for a hospital visit, to provide the sacrament of reconciliation or to assist with questions or decisions about sacraments, faith and life.

Let’s continue to support each other in our shared communication roles!

Fr Brendan
Parish Priest Participation


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