Future Reference for Mrs Jennifer Gray

As a farewell gesture, the Parish School Community put together a letter of reference for any future employer for their leaving Principal, Mrs Jennifer Gray.  We share this letter with our parish community. 


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Jennifer Gray as your new school Principal.  Congratulations you have just found the best Principal you’ll ever have!

OLGC had the pleasure of Jennifer being our Principal for 9 years.  In this time she has had numerous accomplishments, namely a new sandpit, a new playground, more sustainability, a 5/6 learning community, becoming a fire carrier school and bringing in a cool new uniform.

Jennifer is a limited edition, a one of a kind leader.  She is always trying to improve and make our school an even better place.  Jennifer has a special bond with the students and always visits classes in the mornings to brighten up their day.  Students always feel loved and welcomed by her.  She’s not the type of teacher you run away from.  Jennifer always has a smile on her face.  Her outfits are on point and stylish, she will represent you well.

Jennifer is passionate about education and inspires everyone around her.  She is great at keeping traditions alive but is always creating new and innovative things as well.  Jennifer ensures the learning spaces are fun and safe for all.  She is cooperative and works really well with all the staff. Jennifer shows the rest of the school how to live out the school values of, respect, courage, gratitude, love and empathy.  We think this is really important!  She is very resilient and takes everything in her stride.  Jennifer is always willing to try something new and sees everyone at OLGC as a learner.  She makes the school unique and the best it can possibly be.

Jennifer has a number of strengths she can bring to your school.  She has strong growth mindset and always knows there is another way.  Her desk is super organised and she is like Wonderwoman, always on top of her work.  She is cool under pressure.  She is courageous and can deal with anything thrown at her.  Jennifer is highly adaptable, seen in her ability to lead our school through remote learning with ease.  She is a good listener and is able to understand two different sides of a story.  She’s a really hard worker and good at juggling a lot of things (we have lots of events and things happening at OLGC).   She must be the most Googly Principal out there, because Jennifer can make google docs, forms, spreadsheets and even google sites.  She is also an expert public speaker and can perform on demand.  I’m sure you’ll find that useful.

Jennifer is a dedicated Principal who has earn’t the respect of the whole OLGC community.  She is highly committed to her job and gave us 10 amazing years.  If her performance at our school is any indication of her future success, you have just won the lottery.  There is nothing Jennifer can’t do and she has a bright future.  I would highly recommend you employ her immediately before someone else snaps her up.   You will not regret it!

Kind regards,

The OLGC Community

P.S  Please look after her, she needs lots of loose leaf tea and an amazing DP.


Photographs from Jennifer’s final assembly




School Community


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