Homily – 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Lazarus & the rich man

This weekend many of us will celebrate the AFL Grand Final between the Sydney Swans and Geelong Cats.  It is a great occasion for family and friends to get together, have a good time, and enjoy each other’s company.  For players, coaches and all those involved in the clubs, they are enjoying this moment because of the hard work over the many months and years.  Who do I think will win?  The underdog.

Last week, the gospel about the astute steward revealed how one can be smart about money and possessions to secure their future.  By the short-term loss in forfeiting his commission the steward was to gain in the long term.  To secure our future in heaven means giving away now to receive later.  Instead of hanging onto cash, it is invested for returns.  This can be a kind of “smart money”.  The rich man in this weekend’s gospel can take investment advice from the steward.  His opportunity was in front of his eyes but he failed to recognise it.

For the rich man, he needn’t go far to search for those in need.  It was at his own gate that Lazarus, the poor man laid.  Impossible to not see such a person, but he was deliberately ignored.  How was this possible?  Perhaps the rich man was so absorbed in his lifestyle on what to wear “dressed in purple and fine linen” and what to eat “feast magnificently” he was blind to the reality of those less fortunate.  Those less fortunate may include those in need of friendship, moral and emotional support, forgotten or lacking support.  We can ask ourselves “who is the Lazarus in our lives?”

By Fr Hoang Dinh




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