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It is with much sadness that we witness the crisis unfolding in Ukraine and closer to home the impacts of climate change have seen lives lost, tens of thousands of homes damaged and over a million people affected by the floods in Queensland and New South Wales.  

The people of Ukraine are living through a crisis that will impact the country for years to come.  Caritas are working with partners to immediately distribute humanitarian supplies to the Ukrainian people.  Funds are used to assist with the purchase and provision of food, clean water, blankets, clothing, medical assistance, emergency housing and support for distressed children and families.  The United Nations estimates that up to five million people may be forced to leave Ukraine, it is set to become Europe’s largest refugee crisis this century.

The full extent of both these disasters continues to unfold and we have an opportunity to help the many broken hearted people in such devastating situations.

If you would like to support the long term recovery work which will be undertaken by St Vincent de Paul Society in Queensland and New South Wales, financial donations may be made online or call the state office you wish to donate to: 

Queensland 07 3010 1000 or New South Wales 02 9568 0262

To support the communities who have been impacted by conflict in Ukraine, donate to Caritas

Thank you for your support of the hurting world around us.  Your compassion and generosity will help make a difference.

By Kate Baines




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Nicholas Boyhan

Thanks for this information Kate. It is a great way we can reach out to those in need both here and abroad - faith in action.

As stewards of God’s creation, it is incumbent upon all Catholics to pay heed to the words of our holy father Pope Francis. His encyclical on ecology, Laudato Si, says that climate change is real and mainly “a result of human activity.”

The website below is a great resource I have used with my staff and students to shed light on this issue and our responsibility as Catholics and as stewards of God’s creation:

Thanks for sharing this relevant information with us via the parish newsletter.

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marion therese harris

Hi kate baines
thanks for your email and telling us how we can donate to help those in Ukraine and here in Australia who have been badly affecting by flooding.
But i dont think it is at all appropriate to be stating in our parish notice that the heavy rain and floods are due to climate change . The weather changes all the time . This is not the place to be pushing the pagain cult of climate change alarmism and catastrophe.

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