Let your eyes take you for a walk

But happy are your eyes because they see,

your ears because they hear!  Mt 13:16

The pandemic has given us an unexpected pause from our daily routines. Despite the many challenges experienced during these uncertain times within families, local communities and across the globe, some people have experienced a welcome change of pace. The everyday things can be easy to take for granted or miss altogether. What is your experience of life during COVID? We would love to hear your story. Yolanda Torrisi, Deepdene & Balwyn parishioner shares her own experience:

My COVID journey has been to photograph three to four new flower varieties I spot in bloom each week while on my daily stride, upload them to my plant identification app and find out their story. It gives me great joy, because while we have the cold and wet of winter, a pandemic raging around us, these amazing blooms have the temerity to not just peek out into the world, but defy the odds to give us their full joy of colour, scent and beauty … and that makes me smile.

Next time you’re out, look around you and see how much colour there is, the flowers that are in bloom despite it being a cold and wet winter.



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Heartwarming story. How creative you are Yolanda

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Lovely story, I have also been checking out plants during my daily walk to see what grows well, with a view to planting in my garden.

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