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Sr Joanna Coleiro, fsp, is a Daughter of St Paul with a long-time interest in the spiritual growth, faith development and religious experience of both adults and children.  Each month, Sr Joanna provides book recommendations for parishioners young and old.


Ecological Spirituality: Caring for our Common Home
by Trish Hindmarsh

Trish Hindmarsh helps us to explore the links between spirituality and the evolution of the cosmos that have emerged during the past almost 15 billion years. 

This is a simple introduction to our growing understanding as Christians of the importance of the environment and care for the Earth that is a valuable addition to every Catholic household.

She invites our natural Catholic sense of the sacred to engage, inspire, and influence our relationship with the natural world. How can a spiritual life guide us in responding to the ecological crisis we face now as humans on the Earth?  Available online from Pauline Books & Media.

Anointed: Gifts of the Holy Spirit
By Jaymie Stuart Wolfe

This beautifully presented gift book was developed especially with young people in mind as a collection of the Pope Francis’ encouraging words on the gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. 

Anointed is the perfect gift for young people celebrating or preparing for, or who have just received the sacrament of Confirmation. Beautifully illustrated in full colour, it seeks to foster a life-giving faith in the young by including both traditional and modern prayers, Scripture passages for reflection, and excerpts from the Catechism, as well as a special occasion presentation page.  Available online from Pauline Books & Media.

I Love You, Blue
by Stephane Barroux 

When Jonas the lighthouse-keeper is rescued from the stormy sea by a whale called Blue, they become friends.  But soon Blue the whale is in great danger too, and now needs help from Jonas before she is killed by the plastic bags inside her.  This touching love story from picture book creator, Barroux, beautifully highlights the urgency of saving our oceans.  Available online from Pauline Books & Media.

By Sr Joanna Coleiro fsp


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