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This month’s book recommendations from Pauline Books & Media in Camberwell for parishioners, both big and small, to take a closer look at…


Children of the Bible
By Margaret McAllister
Illustrated by Alida Massari


In this elegantly illustrated book Margaret McAllister imaginatively retells favourite Bible stories about children from the point of view of the children themselves. This interesting twist invites children to recognise that, no matter how young, God engages them purposefully in his plan of salvation. It’s not all about the adults!

Inspired by ancient art and architecture, Alida Massari’s beautiful illustrations impart grace and sophistication to the stories. This beautiful book makes an ideal gift for children or a perfect book to read at bedtime.


Let Us Dream
By Pope Francis


In this uplifting and practical book, written in collaboration with his biographer, Austen Ivereigh, Pope Francis explains why we must, and how we can, make the world safer, fairer, and healthier for all people now.

In the COVID crisis, he saw the cruelty and inequity of our society exposed more vividly than ever before. He also saw, in the resilience, generosity, and creativity of so many people, the means to rescue our society, our economy, and our planet. The Pope shows how ordinary people acting together despite their differences can discover unforeseen possibilities.

Let Us Dream is an epiphany, a call to arms, and a pleasure to read. It is Pope Francis at his most personal, profound and passionate.

By Sr Joanna Coleiro fsp


Sr Joanna Coleiro, fsp, is a Daughter of St Paul with a long-time interest in the spiritual growth, faith development and religious experience of both adults and children.




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