Pakistan Floods Appeal

After enduring some of the highest ever recorded temperatures earlier this year, Pakistan is experiencing the highest recorded rainfall in decades with torrential rains triggering the most severe flooding in Pakistan’s recent history.    

To date more than 1,200 people have lost their lives in the floods with 33 million people affected.  There are 160 districts in Pakistan of which 116 have now been declared a state of emergency.

Thousands of homes, public health facilities, water systems and many, many schools have been destroyed with millions of people now in need of humanitarian assistance.  Over 145 bridges and thousands of kilometres of roads have been destroyed making relief efforts difficult as well as cutting off many communities.

The most urgent needs of the people of Pakistan are access to clean water, emergency shelter for displaced families, hygiene supplies and food rations for flood affected families.  

The humanitarian situation is deteriorating and as the disaster unfolds many are on the brink of survival.

Your donation to this appeal will be used to provide immediate and long-term humanitarian assistance to those communities in crisis across Pakistan.

Please support the emergency response of Caritas by donating to the appeal.

By Kate Baines 


Source: Caritas Australia 




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