Parish Life Teams: A new Ministry commences

After three months of preparation our Parish Life Teams are up and running and will be present in our five churches from this weekend.  This new ministry is in response to the Parish Survey undertaken in 2020 and of the new reality within which our partnered parishes now exist.

The aim of the Parish Life Teams is to provide a regular welcoming face at each of our five Churches.  Parish Life Team members will be available to assist new parishioners find their place in parish life, to promote parish activities, to provide a point of contact for parish initiatives and pastoral needs at each of our Churches.  The new ministry role description states it clearly:  “The role of the Parish Life Team is to animate the parish community at the local level and to be an accessible contact person at their local worshipping community.”

We knew that the new ministry was going to take off when seventy-two parishioners volunteered for the roles in the first two weeks!

You will meet your local team members over the coming weeks.  Today we would like to introduce our Parish Life Team leaders for each church.

All Hallows: Geraldine Choong

Our Holy Redeemer: James Squire and Teresa Tennant

Our Lady of Good Counsel: Sr Michelle Toussaint, Geraldine Peck, Ben Fung and Ann Downton

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour: Carol-Ann Wong

Our Lady of Victories: Michael McCloskey

Main image (L-R) – Top: Carol-Ann Wong, Ben Fung, Sr Michelle Toussaint and Teresa Tennant; Bottom: Michael McCloskey, Geraldine Peck, Geraldine Choong and James Squire

From this Sunday you will notice an A-frame stand in each of our Churches letting you know which member of your Parish Life Team is on duty!  Team members opted against high-vis vests and instead will be identifiable via their deep-blue band lanyards displaying their name and photo.  Please encourage our new team members in their roles as they commence this weekend.  In fact, they are promoting the kind of welcoming and hospitable culture that we hope characterises all of our parish communities.  Each of us has a role to play in creating this culture.

It will not be long before we can announce the members of our new Combined Parish Pastoral Council.  Again it has been encouraging to have over twenty people put themselves forward for the six to eight positions available on the Parish Council.  Individual interviews will continue this week as the Council make up is finalised.

It is incredibly encouraging to have such talented, committed, faithful parishioners who are prepared to take on these roles as Parish Life Team or Parish Council members.

You can visit our website to find out more about how our parishes are building stronger parish partnerships for mission

If you would like to be part of any of our new or existing ministries please make contact with the Parish Office or talk to one of our Parish Life Team members this weekend!

By Fr Brendan Reed




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