Parish Staff Embrace New Beginning

Last week I announced that Fr Trac and I had both been appointed to the Parish of Surrey Hills Wattle Park.  Thank you for the warm welcome by many parishioners who have contacted us via email.  Thank you also to the support of so many parishioners from Camberwell, Deepdene and Balwyn.  I am very happy to be embarking on this new journey and delighted to be supported by such an incredible team that make up the staff of Surrey Hills Wattle Park and Camberwell, Balwyn and Deepdene.

The Parish Staff from Surrey Hills Wattle Park (SHWP) and Camberwell, Balwyn and Deepdene (CBD) have met together on two occasions.  Staff members have embraced the opportunity to work together, share expertise and look for new ways to work collaboratively across our parishes.  We have an incredibly talented and committed group of people working for our parishes.

Going around the table from left to right you can see Nanette Giovannini who brings many years of experience in primary and secondary teaching and adult faith education to her role of Sacramental Coordinator at SHWP Parish.  Next to Nanette is Fr Brendan.  Sally McIntosh is the Administrative Assistant at CBD Parishes and coordinates weddings across our parishes.  Sally also brings the CBD parish newsletter to you each week.  Tricia Norman is Senior Pastoral Associate at CBD Parishes and has over 10 years’ experience in the role, bringing expertise in animating, supporting and coordinating the gifts and talents of parishioners.  Tricia coordinates much of the pastoral activity of parish life and our liturgical life.  Sharon Freeman also brings many years of teaching experience, adult faith education and catechetical expertise to our team.  She is currently completing a PhD in the area of parish catechesis and coordinates the sacramental life of CBD Parishes.  Kate Baines has worked in parishes for over 20 years and has been with CBD for just over 10 years.  Kate is our Stewardship Coordinator and takes care of finances, maintenance and properties.  She also has a great passion for our parish outreach activities.  Kirsten Italiano is the face of the parish office at SHWP and brings great experience in administration and coordination in schools and parishes.  She is also an adult educator in her own right and a trained Billings Family Life educator.  Over the coming weeks we will have a staff profile section in our newsletter as each of our team introduce themselves to you in more detail.

Each of our Parish Offices will remain open and operate as usual but you will see more collaboration between our staff groups over the coming year.  Where is Father Trac?  Taking the photo!

Fr Brendan

Parish Priest


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