Sacramental Milestones – March 2021

Celebrations are a big part of our lives.  An opportunity to gather family and friends together for a special occasion at a place with a family connection, a happy memory or a good feeling.  Everyone has a story to tell of why a particular place may have been chosen for his or her celebration.

At the Parish Office, we hear many stories about why a particular church holds special significance or perhaps the family connection to that place of worship, but last month the parish had its own story to tell about a wedding couple … or should that be two wedding couples!

Just for the day, on Saturday, 13 March 2021, the Basilica of Our Lady of Victories was renamed, with tongue firmly in cheek, Saints Michael and Natasha.  Two weddings were celebrated that afternoon; two grooms named Michael married two brides named Natasha in two separate ceremonies.  Both ceremonies were joyful occasions, one celebrated by Fr Trac and the other by Fr Brendan.

However, 12 months earlier during the booking process, it was almost one wedding with Michael from “ceremony one” marrying Natasha from “ceremony two”.  During our conversations, Michael even confirmed that he was marrying Natasha … whom I had been talking to as well.

To continue the theme, booking forms for the weddings were submitted on the same day, where the coincidence was discovered.

What are the odds that something like this could happen?  We all had a laugh over the story and each couple agreed to move the time of their wedding so two wedding were celebrated instead of one!

By Sally McIntosh



During March, we joyfully welcomed the following into the Camberwell, Balwyn Deepdene, Surrey Hills Wattle Park communities:-

  • Henry Allen
  • Rowan Anthony
  • Sacha Cooray
  • Zachary Haley
  • Ivy Lindeman
  • Ariana Lukey-Garcia
  • Lachlan McCarthy
  • Mabel McGrath
  • Hazel Vaiopoulos
  • Francesca Wright


L-R: Cooray Baptism, Anthony Baptism and Allen Baptism

Sacrament of Marriage

The Sacrament of Marriage was celebrated by:-

  • Emilia Lorefice & Scott Grimster
  • Raheela Datoo & Gabrin Raveendran
  • Natasha Freijah & Michael Ferraro
  • Natasha Rohrig & Micheal McKenzie
  • Emily Brady & Jordain Lampert
  • Lucina Yin & James Dunn
  • Bianca Lanza & Anthony Villella
  • Nicole Perilli & Fabian Capuana
Wedding Anniversaries

Congratulations to Judy and Arthur Gibbs, Camberwell parishioners, celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary and to John and Judy Savage, Deepdene parishioners, celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Entered Eternal Rest

Members of the Catholic community who have gone to their eternal rest:-

  • John Ashcroft
  • Elizabeth Francis How
  • John Francis Jones
  • Iliana Mauzzarelli
  • Salome Motuku
  • Norma Rifner
  • William Rushton
  • Maureen Wignell
Sacramental Life Worship


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