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At Our Lady’s Primary School (OLPS) in Wattle Park, the new school year provides a unique opportunity for new beginnings.

As a school community we feel very blessed to be part of the Camberwell, Balwyn Deepdene and Surrey Hills Wattle Park Parishes and are looking forward to building strong partnerships across our three parish primary schools.  It was wonderful for OLPS students to gather with parishioners at Our Holy Redeemer Church for the Opening of the Parish Year; to acknowledge and pray for the new school year. 

This term we have an inquiry question “What is my Story?  What is your story?  What is our Story?”  Our Religious Education inquiry intertwines beautifully with this question.  We have been exploring; What was Jesus’ Story?  What is the Catholic Story?  What is the Easter Story?  How does reconciliation fit into your story?  Is Jesus part of your story?  How did Jesus’ story make a difference?  How does your story make a difference?  Can you change your story?  If someone wrote a story about you, what would it be like?  How could our faith support us to impact our life and the lives of others for the better?  These are wonderfully rich questions that will inspire us to live our lives to the full!  

As we all know schools are amazing places, full of life, energy and hope.  The year has started with an abundance of activity and a deliberate focus on the wellbeing and connection of our community. 

We look forward to gathering as a school community on Shrove Tuesday, to cook and share pancakes before the school day, as a way to lead into the special season of Lent.  Families are invited to come and celebrate together over a pancake and even a pancake race! These events are particularly exciting, as it is a way we can rebuild our connections after a few challenging years of restrictions upon gathering together.

We are also very grateful to Father Trac who will be coming to our school for the burning of the ashes on Shrove Tuesday. 

By Annie Engellenner
Principal at Our Lady’s Primary School, Wattle Park


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