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What’s happening at Our Lady’s Primary School

For our school community, it has been a wonderful start to the year for so many different reasons.  We are so thrilled to be getting to a point where we are able to resume many of our events, initiatives, and activities.  Whilst remaining cautious and with all directives and guidelines continuing, we are now able to resume many aspects of school life with confidence.

The beautiful season of Lent has begun and we were very grateful for the many parents who helped us to prepare for Lent by making pancakes.  Our Prayer and Social Justice Leaders, Maeve, Sam, and Mya led us beautifully by respectfully sharing prayers and helping to organise the pancakes.  We were also grateful for Father Trac who came and burnt some ashes with us in preparation for Ash Wednesday. 


As our wonderful Preps continue to learn about what it means to be a part of Our Lady’s School, we had the wonderful opportunity to work with our Sustainability Coordinator Ann, and with the assistance of some Year 1/2 students gave a tour to the Preps to show them all the wonderful work in our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.  The students had a wonderful time learning about where the chickens are going to live when they come to Our Lady’s and loved exploring the henhouse!


Together we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all our children.  

By Annie Engellenner
School Community


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