School Voices – Lockdown and Silver Linings

I love teaching! It is one of the most rewarding careers you can enter into.

Now more than ever, I am absolutely in awe of how teachers are able to plan for and deliver learning that meets the needs of all the students in their care. This is not an easy thing to do and it takes much skill and expertise.

Academic outcomes are important but the best teachers are those focussed on the wholeness of their students, spending many hours creating environments where children not just learn but flourish as little people. This global pandemic has and will continue to transform education and now more than ever, the role of the teacher is critical.

Being a Principal can take you away from teaching, but being a passionate and dedicated teacher remains at the heart of who I am. Instilling a love of learning, and ensuring that each child has a strong sense of how special and important they are, has always been important to me. So through this most recent lockdown, I have once again reflected on my own practice and wondered what I could do to connect with our students through this time where relationships are so very important.

Every night at 7.00 pm I have been reading a picture story book via Zoom to our students who wish to join. It is a very relaxed and fun way to connect with one another.

It truly is a highlight of my day.

When teaching children about kindness, we must remember that it is the little things that we do with great love that is important.

Wishing you all the best as we continue to walk this journey together.

By Annie Engellenner
Principal OLPS


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David rush

I am very pleased to a have a granddaughter at OLPS

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