St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

Help support families at breaking point this year

Advent is the season that prepares us liturgically for the coming of the joy of Christmas.  However, Mark’s gospel paints a fairly grim picture of the future time.  Christmas joy is certainly not found in people “…on your guard, stay awake”.  Jesus’ message was not to bring fear but rather to energise people into action.  Denis McBride in his book Seasons of the Word reflects that the gospel “encourages us to do two things which are difficult to hold together: to be realistic about the way the world is going, and at the same time not lose hope in the future”.

This reflection offers a voice for our Vincentian spirit too.  In service to others we deepen our understandings, by being “watchful, of their worldview through listening, not just to their immediate needs but also, to their hopes and dreams of the future”.  This is the difference between a simple ‘hand out’ and the transforming effect of a ‘hand up’.  As we move towards the celebration of Christmas may we be watchful in faith, hope filled for our world and those we service, offering the cup of love to all in need.

By donating to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal, you will help members and volunteers offer practical assistance directly to families and individuals who need it most.  You will be also contributing to the large and varied network of support services for people in Victoria that works towards building a more just and compassionate community.  St Vincent de Paul told his followers there are no people so rich that they have nothing to receive and none so poor that they have nothing to give.

If you are able to make a contribution to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal, please do so by visiting or calling 13 18 12.  When donating online remember to note your parish SVDP Conference as Deepdene/Balwyn Conference, Camberwell Conference or Surrey Hills 393 Conference.  Please help us to help others.

Thank you.

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