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After a busy and challenging Term Three, staff at each of our parish schools took the opportunity to reflect on the importance of caring for their own well-being.  The education of children within a Catholic school values a holistic approach to the person and this is equally important for our teachers, particularly with the delivery of remote and flexible learning during the pandemic.


Our Holy Redeemer Primary School, Surrey Hills

by Frank Dame

The dedicated work of teachers and staff at OHR school was recognised during Term Three with a surprise delivery of a box of Daniel’s Donuts to each of their homes.   Staff who have been working remotely were invited to enjoy the treat or to share them with family members.  At the end of term, Carley McGauran ran a virtual “Staff Well-being Session” to discuss the importance of self-care.  There were tips and ideas shared amongst the staff group and it was an important opportunity for staff to enjoy a break from teaching and some time-out for themselves.


Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School, Deepdene

by Hayley Dunstow

After a busy and challenging Term Three, staff took part in a virtual Staff Well-being Day.  The day was spent engaging in activities designed to support their mental, physical and creative needs so they were able to head into the break with their well-being restored.  The day started with a whole school prayer service, then staff connected with an expert psychologist to discuss self-care, followed by a virtual yoga session, and finished off the day with painting.


Our Lady’s Primary School, Wattle Park

by Annie Engellener

The saying ‘you can’t fill from an empty cup’, has never been a more useful piece of advice!  This latest lockdown has certainly been very challenging and although we continue to be very grateful for all we have, the struggle has been very real for some.

As principal, I am very aware of the well-being of our staff, as they give so much of themselves in service of others.  At the end of the term, all staff joined a webinar facilitated by  Psychologist, Carley McGauran, from Inform and Empower.  The session was entitled: Focus on You – Self Care.

We all brought a piece of paper and pen or pencil, found the most “comfortable space” for us to be in for the session and a cup of tea, coffee or water.  A wonderful experience for us to share at the end of a busy term.


New Mental Health Services for Parents, Families and Individuals.

The demand for mental health services is becoming more prominent as we endure a pandemic, with many juggling both work and schooling from home, being isolated from loved ones, experiencing loss of employment, and struggling to afford food and rent.

As a response to this demand, CatholicCare Victoria recently commenced a new state-wide mental health service with minimal wait times, called the Psychological Wellbeing Service.  In this ever-changing and challenging environment, it is important now more than ever for people to be able to access the mental health support they need when they need it. 

To find out more about the Psychological Wellbeing Service visit the CatholicCare Victoria website.


By Kirsten Italiano


Coronavirus School Community


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