Youth Engagement Project (YEP)

The Youth Engagement Project (YEP) takes place within the boundaries of our parishes and some neighbouring parishes. YEP is a way of ensuring that opportunities exist for youth engagement across our parishes, providing pathways for the further involvement in the Church. YEP’s Vision is as that youth and young adults are actively engaged with the Church, so that they might claim it as their own and ‘take up their rightful place as the young heart of the Church’.

YEP runs activities throughout the year, ranging from monthly youth nights to Open House nights with engaging guest speakers. YEP also provides the opportunities for service through Bourke Immersions, Backyard Blitzes and involvement with St Vincent de Paul North Melbourne Soup Van. There is also a monthly Youth-led Mass at OLGC Deepdene, where all are welcome.

Activities are open to all young people (Years 9–12 and post school). A young person does not need to be directly affiliated with our parishes to become involved with YEP or to register for one of its events.

For further information
Contact the YEP Office by phone or email
YEP Coordinator
T: 0434 254 233

See also
Website: Facebook: YEP Melbourne Instagram: @yepmelbourne