Building Stronger Parish Partnerships for Mission

Discerning Parish Leadership

A discernment process was undertaken for those who expressed interest in being part of a representative Parish Pastoral Council or the new ministry of Parish Life Teams.  The formation sessions were held for those who wished to find out more about these roles or feel called to one or the other. The Parish Life Teams were launched and commissioned in May 2022 and members of the new Parish Pastoral Council will be commissioned in early June 2022.

New Parish Pastoral Council and new ministry of Parish Life Teams

What is the proposed new structure of the parishes?  First, that our partnered parishes establish a single representative Parish Pastoral Council.  Second, that our parishes establish the new lay ministry of Parish Life Teams.  Third, that our parish staff work collaboratively across all of parish communities.  Fourth, that our current Parish Councils are decommissioned and that our Transition Team be tasked to establish the new Council and Parish Life Teams.

View the proposed Parishes Governance Model and the new lay ministry of Parish Life Teams.

Parish Renewal

During 2021, the Parish Councils from our three parishes met many times to reflect on our parish partnerships and to plan for the future.  The result of this planning is the Building Stronger Parish Partnerships for Mission initiative of our three parishes.

Have your say

A Combined Parishes Meeting was held and participants were given an opportunity to present their own responses and ideas to the plans for the future of our parishes.

Read the various sections on this page to learn more about our future plans.  Your view is important, so you are welcome to submit a question or comment.

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Role of Transition Team

In May 2020 the Parishes of Camberwell, Balwyn Deepdene were partnered with Surrey Hills Wattle Park by the appointment of Fr Brendan Reed and Fr Trac Nguyen as priests to all three parishes.  Since then our Parish Councils have worked hard to discern how best our partnership can be supported, in order for parish life to flourish and for the Gospel to be proclaimed.

In September 2021, our Parish Councils established a Transition Team which would lead our parishes into the next phase of governance.  The members of the team are Peter Collery and Madeleine Jones from Surrey Hills Wattle Park, Vince Curatore and Michael McCloskey from Camberwell, Geoff Rankin and Cathy Jenkins from Deepdene, Tricia Norman and Fr Trac Nguyen from the Parish Staff Group.

Timeline and Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are provided against a background of what is happening today across all parishes in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Our parishes are focussed on managing any change that is needed to continue being a vibrant Catholic faith community.  Visit the Frequently Asked Questions


You will be kept informed with future FAQs and updated timeline.  View our Parishes Transition Roadmap

Renewed Roles for Parish Staff

The parish staff from across our parishes have worked collaboratively over the last eighteen months.  We are fortunate to have a rich diversity of skill and talent in our parish team.  It has been recommended by our Parish Councils that our parish staff now each work across our three parishes.  This will ensure that each of our parishes will benefit from expertise in sacramental preparation, pastoral care, ministry coordination, finance, and administration.  Find out more about our parish staff.