Stewardship of our Parish Resources

Across the parishes of Camberwell and Deepdene & Balwyn, we strive to achieve wise and faithful stewardship of our assets and to operate within a responsible and sustainable financial framework. We place high priority on ethical business transactions and on transparent accountability.

To this end, we apply the following practices:

  • We develop and monitor a fiscally responsible annual budget (capital, operational and cash flow) and ensure that proper financial controls and systems are in place;
  • We ensure compliance with established standards for financial accountability;
  • We employ qualified staff and draw on the expertise of parishioners with high-level finance experience to oversee our budget and financial practices;
  • We allocate resources to maximise our parishes’ visions and to achieve the strategic priorities of each parish;
  • We publish our financial year statements in the Annual Report of the Parishes of Camberwell and Deepdene & Balwyn.

Parishes’ Finance Committee

Our Parish Priest holds ultimate responsibility for ensuring that our parishes operate within a responsible and sustainable financial framework. He is supported in this responsibility by a Finance Committee that serves our two parishes.

The key role of the Finance Committee is to assist the Parish Priest and the Parish Leadership Team (Camberwell) and Parish Council (Deepdene & Balwyn) in managing the financial affairs of each parish. The Committee’s advisory and oversight areas include:

  • Stewardship contributions and the renewal program;
  • Annual parish budgets and annual reporting to Archdiocese and to parishioners;
  • Review & monitoring of the OLGC School finances;
  • The financial, business and corporate governance aspects of the Barnsbury Retirement Village;
  • Stewardship of parish assets.

As Stewardship Coordinator, Kate Baines’ role responsibilities include property maintenance across the parishes, day-to-day financial management of both parishes and membership of the Parishes’ Finance Committee. Kate also plays a key role in liaison with and support of the Barnsbury Retirement Village and Villa Maria Catholic Homes.

Kate’s working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
T: 9816 9291