Ministry of Communion to the Sick

Communion to the Sick

Through the Ministry of Communion to the Sick, those members of our community who are not able to be present at Mass continue to receive Holy Communion.  When a minister brings Communion, the housebound, sick or elderly person shares in the Eucharistic meal of the community and it manifests the support and concern of the community for its member.

Staying connected

The Coronavirus pandemic lockdown saw the suspension of liturgical celebrations and the closure of Churches in the parishes.  The Ministry of Communion to the Sick found new ways to stay connected with residents and patients in hospital and aged care facilities across the parishes.  Outreach and support projects were set up for residents, patients and carers.  Communion to the Sick ministers who would usually visit these facilities each week participated in these programs and joined with residents and patients remotely for prayer and scripture.


Faversham House Aged Care

A weekly communal prayer service was conducted with Catholic residents using video conferencing, as well as individual remote visits with other residents.

St George’s Hospital

Spiritual Communion visits was conducted each week with individual patients via telephone.

Hedley Sutton

Baptcare, continued to keep in touch with staff and residents through various support programs, and parishioners are currently involved in these initiatives.


Thank you so much for your Ministry – what a beautiful difference your Ministry has made to the people you prayed with today.
Jane Monk, Pastoral Care, St George’s Hospital

The residents have been very grateful to have the congregation together, and to receive the one to one sessions as well.
Rachel Bowman, Lifestyle Coordinator, Faversham House

Just letting you know that all went well today at Faversham House.  Everyone who usually attends was there and everyone seemed in good spirits.  Marie sat at the back with the pet rabbit!  It was lovely to see everyone and to hear how they’re linking in with family.
Diane Earls, Communion to the Sick Minister

The community at Faversham House were very happy to know that the Prayer Service is to be held each week.  They shared that the hardest thing for them about Covide19 was the fact that they cannot go out at all.  They are really feeling the lockdown so I am very happy that we have re-introduced our Prayer Service in this way.
Liz Tehan, Communion to the Sick Minister


If you or someone you know would like to receive Communion or you are interested in joining the Ministry of Communion to the Sick, please contact Tricia Norman at the Parish Office on 9816 9291 or