Meet our Parish Staff

Fr Brendan Reed, Parish Priest

Fr Brendan Reed is the Parish Priest of the Parishes of Camberwell, Balwyn Deepdene and Surrey Hills Wattle Park.  Fr Brendan is responsible for the effective management, stewardship and spiritual guidance and direction of the parishes and parishioners. Fr Brendan also ensures the successful implementation of both parishes’ Strategic Plans, ensuring that the processes for consultation are adhered to and that the outcomes serve the good of all.


Hoang Dinh

Fr Hoang Dinh, Assistant Priest

Fr Hoang Dinh is the Assistant Priest of the Parishes of Camberwell, Balwyn Deepdene and Surrey Hills Wattle Park. Fr Hoang supports the Parish Priest in the provision of spiritual and pastoral support to the parishes and parishioners. His duties include officiating at weekday and Sunday celebrations of the Eucharist, funeral liturgies and burials, marriage ceremonies, the Anointing of the Sick and other sacraments. Fr Hoang plays a key role in the Baptism Program and in visiting parishioners who are sick and housebound.  Fr Hoang is a member of the Parish Pastoral Council.


Tricia Norman, Senior Pastoral Associate

Tricia collaborates with the Parish Priest in ensuring the overall pastoral care of parishioners and in animating, supporting and coordinating the gifts and talents of parishioners for the good of the parishes.  She coordinates pastoral care to the bereaved; Communion to the Sick and elderly; pastoral care ministries (including managing the parishes’ pastoral care register); welcome and hospitality ministries; liturgical ministries and the liturgical life as a member of the Liturgy Group across the parishes; and the implementation of safeguarding standards as a Child Safety Officer and member of the Combined Parishes Safeguarding Committee.

Tricia’s working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday


Kate Baines, Stewardship Coordinator

Kate coordinates many practical aspects of the running of the parishes.  Her coordination includes property maintenance across the parishes; financial management of the three parishes; membership of the parishes’ Investment Committee, Finance Committee and Barnsbury Governance Committee; liaison with and support of the Barnsbury Retirement Village; support of the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Committee, and liaison with partners – CatholicCare and Villa Maria Catholic Homes. She manages our parish stewardship and would welcome your financial support by way of donation or regular giving.

Kate’s working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.


Nanette Giovannini, Sacramental Coordinator

Nanette is the first point of contact for parents who would like their child to be baptised at Surrey Hills Wattle Park Parish. Working in close consultation with the Parish Priest and School Religious Education Leaders across our parishes, Nanette also coordinates the development and delivery of sacramental programs for school-aged children being prepared for Reconciliation, Eucharist (First Communion) and Confirmation. For children who do not attend our Parish schools, Nanette leads the Catechist Team in the provision of after school classes to prepare for these sacraments. Nanette is a Parish Child Safety Officer and is a member of the Combined Parishes Safeguarding Committee.

Nanette’s working days are Tuesday & Thursday.


Sally McIntosh, Administrative Assistant

Sally provides key administrative support across the parishes for baptism and the sacramental program. She prepares and distributes our newsletter each Friday and manages our social media. She would welcome your subscription to our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram! Sally coordinates weddings across our parishes and would love to hear from any bride or groom wanting to plan their wedding.

Sally’s working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.


Parish Office
19 Brenbeal Street, Balwyn VIC 3103
Office Hours:  Tuesday – Friday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Phone: 9816 9291