A Learning Community

Education in Faith

Across the parishes of Camberwell, Balwyn Deepdene & Surrey Hills Wattle Park, there are both regular and periodic programs and opportunities for adult parishioners and young people to grow in their knowledge and experience of God, the Catholic Christian faith and spirituality, as well as build their strengths in responding to life’s challenges.

Does Sin matter?

Separation, Reconciliation, Redemption

Fr Frank O’Loughlin’s latest book is Does Sin Matter? Separation, Reconciliation, Redemption (2022), published by Conventry Press. 

Fr Frank has also written, Gathering the People of God: Renew the Liturgy – Renew the Church (2020) and New Wineskins: Eucharist in Today’s Context (2019).  All publications are available from Conventry Press.

Our Parish Primary Schools

At the heart of our identity and activity as a learning community is our three parish primary schools of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Deepdene, Our Holy Redeemer, Surrey Hills and Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Wattle Park offering education for Prep to Year 6.  Read more …


Across the Parishes of Camberwell, Balwyn Deepdene and Surrey Hills Wattle Park there are opportunities for adult parishioners to deepen their relationship with God and to grow in understanding and experience of faith, discipleship and the Catholic tradition. Read more…

Sacraments Program

Our Sacraments Program across the parishes guides children through their journey of Christian initiation into the Church, following on from their Baptism. Members of the Catechist Team conduct programs for primary school-aged children attending government or independent schools who are baptised and are seeking to continue their initiation into the Catholic tradition.  There are opportunities to serve as a parish catechist.   Find out more about the Sacraments Program

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Many adults are welcomed into the Catholic Church each year through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). The RCIA is also known as the Catechumenate, an early church term that recognises a Catechumen as a non-baptised person preparing for Baptism and initiation into the Catholic Church. The Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic Church are Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

The RCIA offers a way to grow in knowledge of Christ and the Catholic faith in company with others on a similar journey. A small group of parishioners (the RCIA Team) are entrusted as catechists, mentors and sponsors for those who have approached us. Through their constant support and willingness to share their faith, they are living witnesses of the Good News.  Find out more about the RCIA process

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC) in most instances applies to children and young people, generally of school age, who have not been baptised. The RCIC program can also provide assistance to those children who wish to prepare to receive the sacraments they have missed since Baptism, or who are seeking to join the Catholic Church.

The RCIC team includes not only the catechist and the child/young person but also parents and/or guardian of the participant as appropriate. The preparation follows the structure of the Adult Rite of Christian Initiation, with each session leading to the next. The sessions are designed for both student and parent participation, while the material sent home is intended to encourage and support family catechesis.  Find out more about the RCIC process