A Responsible Community

The Environment

Environment a major concern – an issue from the Vatican to CBD Parishes

Our Camberwell, Balwyn and Deepdene Parish Council have prioritised the environment as one of our major projects for 2020.  Read more…

Church Renewal

Historic changes to governance of diocese, parishes and schools

The Catholic Church in Australia is looking to renew its governance structures and the way in which dioceses and parishes can further develop co-responsibility of clergy and laity in the life of the Church.  Read more …

Child Safeguarding

Building a Child Safe Organisation

All children who come to our parish have a right to be safe


At Camberwell, Balwyn & Deedpene Parishes we hold the care, safety and well being of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our parishes.  Our parish has zero tolerance of child abuse and all children are entitled to, as a fundamental right, safety and protection from all forms of abuse and neglect.  We all have an obligation to do the best we can to keep children safe from harm and abuse.  We are committed to preventing child abuse and identifying risks early and then reducing or removing them.  This commitment is drawn from and inherent to the teaching and mission of Jesus Christ, with love, justice and the sanctity of each human person at the heart of the Gospel.

For further details about the Parish’s Child Safety Professional Standards or if you wish to contact one of our Parish Child Safety Officers, Sharon Freeman or Tricia Norman, please call the Parish Office on 98169291.