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As we welcome the month of July, many of us are looking at our annual finances, preparing our tax returns and getting our financial affairs in order for the remainder of the year.  The same is true for each of our parishes and I am grateful to every parishioner who helps to keep our parish financially viable.  At the end of the June quarter, our parish income received from stewardship giving is travelling significantly below budget.  Some of this is due to the fact that we have not had a stewardship renewal campaign for some years now.  Our Finance and Investment Committee is planning that for next year. 

In the meantime, however, perhaps now is a good time for each of us to review our stewardship giving.  For those unfamiliar with stewardship giving, this is a regular financial contribution made by parishioners to the Church account.  The Church account is the operational account for each of our parishes.  It pays for the upkeep of our Churches, staffing, programs and ministries.  Parishioners give in a number of ways.  Some give via weekly envelopes that can be obtained through the Parish Office.  Others give by arranging a fortnightly or monthly debit from their credit card (this seems to be the most popular way of giving), others give by organising a direct debit arrangement from their bank account.  Others again, make an annual or twice yearly donation to their parish.  

If you have been a regular giver, I thank you for your ongoing contribution to our parish.  If you are in the position to review your giving, I invite you to do so now. 

Perhaps you are new to the parish or have never gotten around to organising a set of envelopes or arranging a credit card payment.  If you would like to become a financial member of one of our parishes please contact Kate Baines at the Parish Office to see how you can set this up.

Our parishes’ Finance and Investment Committee has been diligently working over the last few years to look at other sources of income to supplement parish stewardship giving.  I am grateful to them for the fact that we now have significant rental and investment income to assist us.  However, we are still reliant on stewardship giving and the ongoing generosity of our parishioners.  

If you would like to review our financial performance over the last few years please visit our website where you can access the annual reports.  Our 2023 Annual Impact Report, including financial reporting is now available. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for supporting our parishes in a variety of ways, both financial and in kind.  

By Fr Brendan Reed


Published: 5 July 2024

Parish Priest


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