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The scripture readings for this weekend are those that talk about trusting in God’s providence, one day at a time.   The phrase reminds me of the popular 1974 song, One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus, by  Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson.  My mother always liked that song and often quoted (or even sang) it to us as children, ‘one day at a time’.  It is perhaps a good phrase to have on our lips in these days as we find our regular rhythm of life and events so often interrupted.  It helps us to put our lives into perspective and tune in to what really matters.

The Biblical text invites us to learn to trust that the God who, we claim, brought us to life, does not abandon us.  Instead in small ways, God accompanies us through each day.  To be aware of that usually requires of us a moment of silence and stillness.  It is in those moments that we can be aware that we are not alone and that the God of life is with us and walking with us – one day at a time.

This is the way that we are approaching parish life at the moment.  Our schools and families of school children have been great examples of how to adapt and live and work, one day at a time.  Our parish worshipping communities have learned to live and pray, one day at a time.  Those who have planned weddings, baptisms and family celebrations have had to learn to live one day at a time and to savour the moments when loved ones can be together and life can be celebrated.

Living one day at a time can help to put our longer term plans into perspective.  It is great to have goals and ambitions to fulfil but being present to what is happening around us and within us will help in shaping and forming the decisions that we make for tomorrow.

My mother died at the age of forty-seven with many dreams and expectations of the future unrealised.  I am glad though to have the memory that she really did like to live just one day at a time.  I would like to be able to do the same.

Fr Brendan

Faith Reflections Parish Priest


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