Homily – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

We spend a lot of time looking into the future.  We do this by thinking and planning for what can be done now.  Taking actions now means that the future is as secure as possible, and the likelihood of any interruptions are avoided or at least minimised.  We want to give our future the best chance, especially when it comes to finances, health and retirement.

If someone were to say not to prepare for these things we would be quick to dismiss them.  But if we were the minority to say how important it is to prepare for the above then the tables will turn on how others might perceive us.

Prophecy is one of the important ministries in the Scriptures.  The common understanding of prophecy is the ability to tell the future.  Certain things will unravel if things go on as normal and not addressed with a sense of urgency.  The important aspect of prophecy is to verbalise the unpopular truths so a certain future outcome can be avoided.  This could mean a change in behaviour, attitude, or a way of life.  Not only is this difficult, it is also unpopular.  Asking people to change is no easy task and it certainly won’t win many people over.

Our Gospel this Sunday, re-tells the story where Jesus visits his hometown, and judging by the reaction of the townspeople, it sounded like Jesus had a normal upbringing after all.  His townsfolk knew him all too well to protest he was a prophet.  A child from a humble family who lived amongst them cannot tell others what to do and not to do.  Hence the saying no prophet is ever accepted in their hometown.  Taking advice from someone you know is not always easy or well received!  It is hard not to be discouraged.  Such is the nature of prophecy.

Our Gospel invites us to an openness of heart to hear from our brothers and sisters all their hopes and dreams.  Listening to their concerns might open up pathways to a future that is well considered.

By Fr Hoang Dinh



Published: 5 July 2024



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