Join the Code of Conduct Challenge for September

During September we mark National Protection Week (5-12 September). The annual initiative serves to raise awareness of child abuse prevention across Australia. This is a good time for our parishes of Camberwell, Balwyn Deepdene and Surrey Hills Wattle Park to reflect on the safety and wellbeing of everyone in our care, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults. We want to ensure that our parish communities are safe and welcoming places for all.

Safeguarding Code of Conduct

Our safeguarding focus for September is the Code of Conduct around which our parishes operate. Each year, all those engaged and participating in parish ministries and activities, as well as clergy and staff, are required to read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.

What is a Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct provides clarity around our roles in parish ministry by:
• specifying the standards of conduct and care required when performing our roles and when interacting with children;
• listing behaviours that are acceptable and those that are unacceptable;
• identifying professional boundaries, ethnical behaviour and how to avoid or better manage difficult situations; and
• is intended to complement child protection legislation and safeguarding standards, policies and practices.

Join the Code of Conduct Challenge for September

You are asked to participate in the Code of Conduct Challenge during September. Across our three parishes and five churches there are 453 volunteers involved in parish ministries. Our task is to ensure that everyone has an up-to-date Code of Conduct Declaration by the end of September.

Each week we will have an update of current numbers and see how we are tracking towards our 100% target. Let’s join in the challenge together.

By Tricia Norman


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