Sacramental Milestones

Each month we acknowledge those families who have celebrated a Milestone, like a Baptism or a Wedding, and remember those members of our community who have gone to their eternal rest.


During October 2022, we joyfully welcomed into the Parish Community:

  • Morgan Cale
  • Johnny Columbus
  • Harriet Dalton
  • Chiara Febbraro
  • Herbert Hill
  • Allegra Natoli
  • Amelia Natoli
  • Noah Perry
  • Maxwell Ryan

L-R: Dalton baptism; Cale baptism; Febbraro baptism; Ryan baptism

Sacrament of Marriage

During October, the Sacrament of Marriage was celebrated by:

  • Mitchell Barker & Tiffany Chuo
  • Nicholas Cham & Fellicia Hambali
  • Nick Fung & Katherine Pham
  • Konstantinos Koutros & Melissa Canales
  • Ryan Menere & Jacinta Feleppa
  • Joshua Trifunov & Annabelle Rainford-Galjar

L-R:  Ryan & Jacinta; Nick & Katherine

Entered Eternal Rest

Members of the Catholic community who have gone to their eternal rest:

  • Norma Ables
  • Gwen Anderson
  • Medardo Benjamin Apacible
  • Stanley Murray Beattie
  • Julie Caifano
  • Rosa Teresa Ceravolo
  • Beverley Chiminello
  • Bishop Emeritus Hilton Forrest Deakin
  • Patrick Gibbons
  • Anne MacGibbon
  • Maria Rosa Mejia
  • Kerry Mullane
  • Angela Natoli
  • Ariel Pahila
  • Bruna Pierini
  • Conrado Reyes
  • Paola Rizio
  • William Ryan
  • Paul Sanderson
  • Christine Smith
  • Frances Wallace
  • Veronica Walsh


Sacramental Life


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Mary Conlan

I love the Parish Blog, the writings which are informative and always relevant one way or another. The parish news re. Sacraments , deaths etc.
A wonderfully dynamic parish to which we don’t belong but to which we go often, usually at Surrey Hills. A big thank you to all who make things happen.🌸👏

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