Can we celebrate our wedding in a Catholic Church?

You are welcome to celebrate your wedding in one of our Churches.  Marriages are celebrated only according to the rites of the Catholic Church.  This means that at least one party must be baptised Catholic and both parties are free to marry.  If you have any queries about this, please discuss with the priest or deacon who will marry you.

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The Church provides two forms of the Marriage Rite:

  • Marriage outside of Mass (Wedding Ceremony)
  • Marriage within Mass (Nuptial Mass)

To differentiate between a Wedding Ceremony and a Nuptial Mass, a ceremony contains similar components to a Nuptial Mass but does not have the Liturgy of the Eucharist or Communion.

The priest or deacon marrying you will assist you in choosing the right ceremony for you and planning the details of the ceremony.

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Who will celebrate our ceremony for us?

Any Catholic priest or deacon registered with the civil authorities as a Celebrant of Marriage may officiate.  One of our Parish Priests would be happy to officiate at your wedding, please request this on the booking form.  Should you prefer to choose your own celebrant, please include his name and contact details on the booking form.

What is required of us?

At the first meeting with your celebrant, you will need to produce positive forms of ID, a full birth certificate if born in Australia, or a valid passport if born overseas.  The baptised party will also need to apply for a newly issued baptismal certificate from their parish of baptism.  Should any other documents be required, your celebrant will advise you of this.

How do we know if our preferred date is available?

By completing the online Wedding Enquiry Form.  A member of staff will respond to your enquiry.

How do I make a booking?

By completing the booking form, which will be issued in response to your enquiry, and paying the deposit which will confirm your booking.  The balance needs to be paid six months prior to the ceremony date.

Payments may be made by way of direct deposit.

What if we decide to cancel?

If you wish to cancel your booking at any time, you must do so in writing.  Any fees will be returned to you less $100 administration fee.

Do you need to attend a Marriage Preparation Course?

Pre-marriage courses are recommended.  Your celebrant will guide you in your choice.  These courses are an invitation to plan for your marriage, not just your wedding day.

Who may be a witness to our marriage?

It is a legal requirement that there are two witnesses at least 18 years of age.  They must be present at the marriage celebration to sign the wedding register.

How do we prepare our wedding booklets (order of service)?

Your celebrant will assist you in choosing the prayers, readings, and music for your ceremony.  A draft of your wedding booklet will need to be submitted to the Parish Office for approval prior to printing.  Printing of the booklet is the couple’s responsibility.

Our copyright licence must be quoted together with acknowledgement for all hymns used in the booklet.  Please contact the Parish Office for these details.

Do we need a wedding rehearsal?

Wedding rehearsals are recommended and are held 3-4 days prior to your wedding day.  Please discuss the rehearsal with your celebrant and bridal party then contact the Parish Office to organise a rehearsal date and time.

May we have photographs and video?

Professional photographers and video cameras are permitted.  Their equipment and movement are not to distract the priest, bridal couple or guests.  Your photographer and/or video operator will need to consult with the celebrant prior to the ceremony as to what is expected of them.

What if we are running late?

We ask brides to be on time and to impress this upon your hire car operators, photographers and wedding party.


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What is the next step?

Complete the Wedding Enquiry Form to confirm the availability of your preferred date and time.  A member of the Parish staff will be in contact.  For further queries, please contact Sally McIntosh at the Parish Office on 9816 9291 or Sally.McIntosh@cam.org.au