Project Compassion 2022

“The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

As we envision the future and look forward to all the wonder that 2022 is yet to bring, we should also take this opportunity to reflect on the past.

Last year, the world was challenged with the ongoing effects of COVID-19, as well as political upheaval, issues of climate, justice, poverty and famine.  The media became an inescapable reminder of the state of the world, and as a result, many of us left 2021 feeling drained and fatigued.  However, the fact that we are still standing here today, is living proof that our optimism and faith in the future can go a long way.

Each year, Caritas Australia invites us to support their Project Compassion campaign.  The theme for Project Compassion 2022 is ‘For All Future Generations’ and reminds us that the good that we do today will extend and impact the lives of generations to come.  It invites us to make the world a better place by working together now and finding long-term solutions to global issues.

Project Compassion 2022 shares the stories of resilient and inspiring individuals whose lives and futures have been impacted and by which your generosity is the pebble that allows Caritas Australia to create the ripples that will improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities, supporting them to flourish and create opportunities for future generations to live to their full potential and thrive.

To support the work of Caritas:-

  • take home a Project Compassion donation box, available for collection at all our churches
  • donate online through the Caritas website
  • call 1800 024 413 

For more information about this year’s campaign, read about those whose needs at this time are far beyond ours or to learn more about the work of Caritas, visit the Caritas website.


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