Vinnies Winter Appeal 2022

Vinnies Camberwell Conference

Another Busy but Fruitful Year

Members of the Camberwell Conference of St Vincent de Paul have been particularly active in the past year, both before and after the pandemic restrictions which limited contact. Each week we continue to visit and assist four to six families or individual clients and in 2022 we have appreciated the importance of providing human contact and a sympathetic ear, as well as material assistance, when face to face contact was able to be resumed.

Camberwell Conference serve the area defined by Auburn Road, Toorak Road, Barkers Road and the axis suggested by the Riversdale Road railway crossing. In the local area food vouchers formed the largest part of the assistance we have been providing but we have also helped with the supply of furniture, especially bed, mattresses and whitegoods.  There are always bills to be paid and assistance with transport is required. Last Christmas we were happy to deliver hampers and food vouchers to 40 families and individuals known to be in need – it helped to brighten their Christmas. Camberwell Conference also provided grants for our three “Twin” conferences in the Third World.

Other activities this year have included assisting Balwyn-Deepdene Conference to visit needy people in North and South Melbourne, providing both material help and moral support.  Conference members also contribute their time in our local Vinnies Store in Auburn Road, Hawthorn. 

Camberwell Conference currently has 10 active members, all of us retired and most of us in our 70s.  To ensure the good works of our Conference is able to be continued, we rely on your prayers and financial support to carry out this rewarding but sometimes difficult work.

Our Conferences at Camberwell, Deepdene Balwyn and Surrey Hills Wattle Park are always looking for new members to assist in our work.  If you are interested in joining or finding out more about our works please contact the Conference President(s) via the Parish Office.

To donate to the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal, please download the Appeal Donation Form, complete and follow the lodgement instructions or to learn more about the works of St Vincent de Paul visit Vinnies

By John Morrissey, Vinnies Camberwell Conference



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